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Ear Accidents

Healthy Ear

Ear Accidents

Because we cant see our ears inner workings as they transmit sound waves to our brain, we forget our ears can be vulnerable to injury. For instance, a slap on the ear or an injury while diving could cause a ruptured eardrum, the thin membrane that separates the outer ear from the middle ear.But one of the most common causes of ruptured eardrum and other ear damage is putting an object into the ear. All too often, people do this because they think theyre doing their ears some good such as relieving an itch or cleaning out wax. But, indeed, you can do serious harm. The old folk wisdom about not putting anything in your ear smaller than an elbow, though exaggerated, isnt such bad advice.

Swimmers Ear
Steer your child clear
Be careful with bottle feeding
Get regular ear and hearing checkups
Loud noise and hearing loss
Give acetaminophen
Stay alert to the signs
Ear Accidents
Taking Care of Pierced Ears
Protecting Your Ears
Dont put cotton swabs into your ear canals
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