healthy cheek

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Avoid harmful habits

Healthy Cheek

Avoid harmful habits

Namely, you should avoid smoking and drinking since both activities cause your skin to lose elasticity. As skin loses elasticity, it becomes less flexible and takes on a sharper appearance, which will only make your cheeks look more narrow. You should also avoid any product or food containing turmeric powder. Many claim that this spice makes the skin look dry. Put sunscreen on your face to protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. Sun related damage can dry out the skin, making your cheeks look gaunt and leathery.

Use honey
Healthy cheeks
Moisturize your cheeks
Get injections
Know your skin
Make a mixture of equal parts glycerin and rose water
Cheek makeup for a day and night
Bright cheeks
Pinch your cheeks
Exfoliate your cheeks
To get a healthy blush
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