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Snack Smart and Healthy

Healthy Blood

Snack Smart and Healthy

To snack or not to snack with diabetes The once widely given advice that people with diabetes need to eat three small meals and three snacks each day is no longer true. That advice dates back to older medications and the potential for hypoglycemia. The Science Research shows that some people can control their calories better with between-meal snacks, yet other studies find that frequent snacking can lead to excess calories. If your glucose is running too low, talk with your provider about a medication change rather than continuing to snack or overeat to prevent lows. Bottom line Whether or not you fit snacks into your eating plan should be based on how you can best follow a healthy eating plan.

Portion Control Please
Curb Added Sugars with No Calorie Drinks
Explore and Learn from Past Actions
Put the brakes on smoking and drinking
Shake the salt habit
Monitor your blood pressure regularly
Eat healthily
Control your cholesterol
Cut back on salt
Take medicines as directed
Spice It Up
Add some spice
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