healthy arms

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Healthy Arms

41. Rotating Triceps Kickback
Stand with your knees bent and lean forward slightly, with a dumbbell in each hand. Bend your right elbow to bring the dumbbell to your side, making your upper arm parallel with the floor. Press the dumbbell back, and as you straighten your arm, rotate it so that your palm faces the ceiling. Rotate it back so that your palm faces in, and return your arm to the bent position. Do 12 to 15 reps with each arm.
42. Pike Walk Pushup Combo
Stand with your feet together, arms at your sides. Bend over (its OK for your knees to be slightly bent) and place your hands or fingertips on the floor in front of you. Walk your hands forward until you are in a pushup position and do one pushup. Keeping your hands in place, walk your feet forward until theyre as close to your hands as possible. Thats one rep. Continue moving forward until youve done five or six pushups.
43. Airplane Extension
Lie facedown and extend your arms out at shoulder level with your palms facing the floor. Pull your shoulder blades together and lift your arms, legs, and chest off the floor. Holding that position, bring your arms forward, reaching past your head. Hold for one count, then move them back. Lower yourself to the floor. Thats one rep. Do 10 to 15.
44. Crescent Lunge and Row
Grab a dumbbell in your right hand and stand with your feet together, arms at your sides. Lunge forward with your left leg until your left knee is bent 90 degrees. Lower your torso as close as possible to your left knee as you raise your left arm out to the side to shoulder height, palm down. Allow the dumbbell in your right hand to hang naturally. Row the dumbbell straight up until your right elbow passes your torso. Thats one rep. Do 12 to 15, then repeat on the opposite side. Tip: Start with an eightpound dumbbell. Dont increase the weight until youve mastered perfect form.
45. T Pushup
Get into a pushup position with your hands on the floor directly below your shoulders. Lower yourself to the floor. As you push yourself up, rotate the right side of your body upward, lift your right arm, and roll onto the outside of your left foot. Straighten your right arm so your fingertips point toward the ceiling. Hold for one second before returning to the pushup position. Repeat, this time rotating left and reaching up with your left arm. Thats one rep. Do five.
46. Get Sleek
Heres something youll love to learn: Your shoulders and upper back tend to carry less fat than the rest of your body, so the right arm exercises can give this area a nearly instant makeover, says Ramona Braganza, a celebrity trainer who has worked with stars such as Anne Hathaway and Jessica Alba. Braganzas upperbody workout, below, hits every major muscle and will help stabilize your shoulder joints, improve your posture, and build that strong, toned look youre after.For this arm workout, use fiveto eightpound weights, perform 15 to 20 reps of each exercise and go from one move to the next with little or no rest between. Do two or three sets three times a week.

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