handmade valentines day cards

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Handmade Valentines Day Cards

Express your affection by making your own gifts this Valentine's Day.
11. Love Bugs
Shows off seven different ideas for using hearts and colorful construction paper to make adorable little Valentine Day card critters.Some of our favorites are the fish, mouse and this ladybug shown 0 though they are all super cute!Easy to make with a little creativity and some colorful construction paper, the options are endless for which critters you will be able to come up with!
12. Love Prints
Similar to the other thumprint valentines shown, you will only need to use your child hand (or thumb, for that matter) to make the card main decoration simply add a sweet note once the print has dried off and you are good to go!
13. Kiss Kiss Handmade Valentine Day Cards
Creating Valentine Day cards with the Kiss Kiss collection is SO easy. For my sweet cards, I simply cut patterned paper to fit into some small envelopes I already had on hand and then I adhered die cuts to one side of each card. As an additional detail, I secured the die cuts in place with some minor, straightforward stitching. And it really could not get any easier THE perfect game plan when it the midnight hour and you have to make 30 Valentines.
14. Hand painted valentined card
Of all the holidays, Valentine Day seems to scream handmade cards the loudest. Glitter, doilies and lace are the usual suspects for decorating, but why turn to them when you can easily create a sophisticated ombre valentine.With this simple technique, there is no need for vats of dye, oodles of drying time, complicated instructions or any special tools. Using materials as simple as paint, water and gravity, the paint pigment naturally fades and blends as it flows down the card, resulting in a painterly ombre effect without all the fuss. The edges of each card are then gilded so your love shines through the moment the envelope is opened. Paired with a classic roses are red, violets are blue poem and some heart shaped Red Hots to fill the envelope, it is the perfect combination of chic and kitsch. And it handmade. Happy Valentine Day!
15. Snappy Bow Bracelet
Print, and cut out our bracelet templates. Use the templates to cut out a large, oblong piece of leather as well as a thin center band. Wrap the thin band around the center of the larger piece to form the bow middle, using the photo above for guidance. Secure the band on the bow wrong side with hot glue. Let dry for five minutes.Lay the bow on a flat surface, wrong side up. Following the package instructions in a snap fastener kit make the bracelet adjustable by attaching two snap studs on one end, centering and spacing them about half an inch apart repeat on the other end with snap sockets.
16. Homespun Pincushions
This nifty project pairs up fabric scraps and heart shaped cookie cutters To construct the base of each pincushion, place the sharp side of a cookie cutter atop a thin piece of Styrofoam (we used a produce tray from a grocery store). Press the cutter down to imprint the Styrofoam then cut out the heart shape. Cut a heart shaped piece of fabric that about half an inch larger, all the way around, than the Styrofoam shape. Lay the fabric, right side down, on a flat surface and cover the back with Aleene Tacky Glue (doller4.50 for eight ounces amazon.com) then press the Styrofoam against the fabric. Pull the excess fabric up around the Styrofoam edges and secure with more glue let dry for 30 minutes. With the cushion still inside the cutter, cover the cushion bottom with a generous coat of glue. Push the Styrofoam into the cutter so that it presses against the glue hold in place for three minutes. Let dry for 30 minutes.
17. Feather Bouquet
This display flies in the face of traditional long stemmed roses and lasts forever, to boot. All you need broad white feathers, alphabet stamps, and an ink pad As for what message to stamp on your feathers. Take the suggestion shown here or, hey, just wing it.
18. Yarn Flowers
Give yarn an opportunity to bloom. Crafter Lauren De Bellis came up with this genius way to keep vases stocked with fresh flowers even in winter. The key to creating these allium like blossoms pom pom makers in three different sizes Wrap yarn around the tool arms, then follow the package instructions to make your own buds. Add a dab of hot glue to the end of a thin twig and insert into each pom pom center. Hold in place until the glue dries (about 10 seconds) and arrange.
19. Paper Airplane Love Notes
Give your love notes a lift. Take an aerial approach to letter writing with pint size paper airplanes. CL contributing editor Cathe Holden designed this high flying stationery. All you have to do.jot down a note, then cut off the attached folding instructions and follow them to send your sentiments soaring.
20. Thermocol decor card
Colour the thermocol and Allow it to dry,Then take a paper cup , cut it half and fix it to the thermocol using pins. Along its corners.Then paint the paper cup Arrange the flowers in the cup, and decorate the cup and the thermocol.

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