gym guide ideas

Put back what you use

Gym guide Ideas

Just five minutes in the outdoor gym every day can lead to improvements in mood and self esteem, as
Put back what you use

Brought the ab roller into the stretching room? Awesome! Put it back where you found it when you are done. Brought a stretching mat over to the free weight section so you could super set some situps between your squats? Thats great! Please put the mat back when you are done. Stack of magazines accompanied you to the treadmill? Please make sure they find their way back to the magazine rack when you are done.

Forgetting your water bottle
Ryan taylor
Eat a green salad with your last whole food meal before the gym
Not timing your rest periods
Not planning your routine ahead of time
Take 3 5 grams of arginine
Lindsey renee
Take 20 grams of whey protein
Smith machine
Don t train to failure on every set
Use forced reps on your last sets
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