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Gym guide Ideas

What is gym
Weight plates
Olympic barbell
Fixed weight barbell
Ez curl bar
Barbell collar clips
Flat bench
Incline bench
Decline bench
Olympic bench
Hyper Extension Bench aka Roman Chair
Preacher bench
Squat rack
Power rack
Smith machine
Power towers
Captains chair
Pull up dip station
Ideal for
Not ideal for
Hire a personal trainer
Bring a buddy
Find the right gym for you
Exercise dvds
Personal trainer at home
Fitness center
Use those clips
Rerack your weights
Wipe down the machine after you use it
Put back what you use
Share the equipment
Cardio equipment
Take appropriate rest breaks
Taking extra long breaks
Super set courteously
Cell phones
No photos
Follow specific facility rules regarding cell phones
Be smell sensitive
Be nice
Eat slow digesting carbs before workouts
Avoid higher fat meals for up to four hours before workouts
Eat a green salad with your last whole food meal before the gym
Eat buckwheat as part of your preworkout carb intake
Take 20 grams of whey protein
Take 200 400 mg of caffeine
Take 3 5 grams of arginine
Add 2 teaspoons of cocoa extract
Use forced reps on your last sets
Don t train to failure on every set
Keep your focus on the muscle you re training
Vary your rep speed
Train with several partners
Use an i Pod
Don t train too heavy for too long
Stay off the exercise balls
Save cardio for after your weight workout
Use wrist straps for your pulling exercises
Drink a shake with 20 grams
Stretch only after training
Take 3 5 grams of creatine with 50 100 grams
Don t drop dietary cholesterol too low
If your schedule allows lift in the evening
Relax in a sauna or hot tub every day
Drink four cups of tea during the day
Kelechi opara
Kelly rennie
Alex carneiro
Jaquelyn kay kastelic
Ryan taylor
Dayna tappan
Noah siegel
Lindsey renee
Tobias young
Jen rankin thompson
Waiting for equipment
Skipping the warmup
Not planning your routine ahead of time
Doing cardio before your lifting session
Always using the same machines sets and reps
Not timing your rest periods
Working your core solely at the end of your routine
Forgetting your water bottle
Spreading out your workout
Using balance equipment during strength exercises
Foam rolling
The maximum velocity challenge
3 tricks that will give you incredible triceps
4 exercises you should always do barefoot
How your hands
How Many Calories Does crossfit Really Burn
Can You Survive Death by Burpee
6 guys share how exercise
Work your core 85 percent harder
The Genius Way to Get Rid of a Side Stitch
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