greatest female in video game history

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Manon Batiste Medal of Honor 1999 to 2005

Greatest Female In Video Game History

some of the greatest and most popular female video game characters
Manon Batiste Medal of Honor 1999 to 2005

Batiste stands out as one of the few female characters in a genre typically dominated by males the war shooter. Shes appeared in several games, and was even playable in Medal of Honor Underground as the main protagonist.

Manon Batiste Medal of Honor 1999 to 2005
Zoey Left 4 Dead 2008 to 2009
Lightning Final Fantasy XIII 2010 to 2013
Alex Roivas Eternal Darkness Sanitys Requiem 2002
Madison Paige Heavy Rain 2010
Alicia Claus Bullet Witch 2007
Anya Stroud
Bonnie MacFarlane
Alyx Vance
Joanna Dark
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