greatest female in video game history

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Greatest Female In Video Game History

some of the greatest and most popular female video game characters
1. Ellen Folklore 2007
After growing up in an orphanage, Ellen visits the remote Irish village of Doolin to discover something about her parents. What she gets instead is a slightly terrifying fantasy world full of a twisted version of Pokmon. Yet she takes it all in stride, and even puts those little monsters to work for her.
2. Rayne Bloodrayne 2002 to 2004
Rayne is the definition of an antiheroine shes the protagonist of the Bloodrayne series, but shes not exactly a beacon of morality. She is a murderous vampire, after all. And though shes hypersexualized, what do you expect from the ultimate human predator?
3. Alicia Claus Bullet Witch 2007
Yeah, shes a witch. But shes a good witch, we swear She uses her powers over nature to fight demons, and her massive gunrod is and empowering. Shes cute, too.
4. Jennifer Tate Primal 2003
We always appreciate when gender roles in video games are reversed, considering how ingrained the savetheprincess thing is in our culture. In Primal, Jennifer goes on a terrible journey to rescue her boyfriend. We hope our girlfriend would do the same.
5. Cate Archer No One Lives Forever 2000 to 2003
Catherine Ann Archer is a topnotch British secret agent, easily following in the footsteps of James Bond and the like. Except in the 60s. So like a much, much sexier version of Austin Powers.
6. April Ryan The Longest Journey 1999 to 2006
Aprils not just an artsy girl she can also shift between worlds, which makes for a long and exciting journey (hence the title). Shes also the fulfillment of like, four different prophesies. So thats awesome.
7. Coco Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot 1997 to 2010
Coco popped up as a cute sidekick to her brother, Crash, in Crash Bandicoot 2 Cortex Strikes Back, and she became a playable character in Crash 3 Warped. OOGA BOOGA.
8. Carla Valenti Indigo Prophecy 2005
Carla Valenti can be viewed as a predecessor of sorts to Heavy Rains Madison Paige, since both games were made by Quantic Dream. As such, she also appears topless in the game. Its awkward, but besides that shes an admirably relatable heroine.
9. Lilith Borderlands 2009 to 2012
Lilith shares the Borderlands stage with tons of other protagonists, especially if you count the sequel, but her phasewalking ability is one of the most useful powers in the series. We love that she even got some lines and a fleshedout story in Borderlands 2 all praise The Firehawk.
10. Madison Paige Heavy Rain 2010
Madison is one of four protagonists in Heavy Rain, but she might be the most compelling. Not least of which for the shower scene, which we obviously appreciated. But her influence on the story is invaluable, particularly in her presence making Ethan less of an apathetic dick.

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