get rid of acne for smooth skin

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Sanitize your Smartphone

Get Rid of Acne for Smooth Skin

These tips will help to get rid of existing acne as it prevents future breakouts.
Sanitize your Smartphone

According to a Stanford University study, that iPhone you ca not keep your hands off of can get more germ infested than a toilet in a subway bathroom.In fact, the glass touchscreens on mobile devices are so good at spreading viruses that sharing them may be almost as bad as sneezing in someone face.Here a scary thought All those germs land right on your cheek and jawline every time you chat away, causing pimples and irritation.To keep your phone (and face) bacteria free, wipe it down with an antibacterial wipe like Clorox Disinfecting Wipes a few times a day.

Snack on watermelon
Exfoliate for smaller looking pores
Strip off your makeup before bed
Do not forget your veggies
Put your skin stash in proper order
Give your skin a sip of merlot
Hit the sack early
Clean your makeup brushes
Slip on your sunglasses
Do not wait to moisturize
Drop dairy from your diet even that little bit in your latte
Start using serum
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