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Stop Smoking

Forever Young Naturally Lifestyle

Stop Smoking

Older people form the part of the population most likely to suffer from tobacco-induced disease and premature death: smoking shortens life by an average 1215 years. Moreover, smoking is the second best way to age the skin (after UV exposure). According to the World Health Organization, tobacco is more addictive than heroin, cocaine, alcohol, caffeine, and marijuana. Now is the time to stop!

Boosting immunity Garnish meals
Banishing backache Time for a new mattress
Protecting bones Soak up some sun
Stop Smoking Eat your greens
Healthy heart Sleep well
Boosting immunity Yoga for the overtired
Detoxing Passive backbend
Good digestion Digestive juice
Keeping joints moving Yoga with a partner front thigh stretch
A good night s sleep Keep to schedule
Banishing backache Pressure points
Keeping joints moving Consider supplements
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