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Working the Body When not to exercise

Forever Young Naturally Exercise

Working the Body When not to exercise

Consult your doctor before beginning an exercise program, especially if you have a medical condition, back, muscle or joint problems, mobility limitations, or are exercising for the first time. Always tell exercise instructors about health problems. If you feel under the weather, have a fever or are coming down with the flu donít exercise. After a cold or the flu allow time for recovery before returning to the gym, and take it easy for the first few sessions. Donít try to work through injury: reduce your level of training for a couple of weeks or until you see improvement.

Maintaining Posture Improve your stroke
Working the Body Active leisure
Exercising the Brain Dine on fish
Which Exercise Try Pilates
Maintaining Posture Look in the mirror
Exercising the Brain Holy fig tree pose
Building Energy Restorative shoulder massage
Honing Problem Areas Fab ab exercise
Hand and Foot Mobility Finger mobility
Build Exercise into Life Ad break squat
Exercising the Brain Build up to daily meditation
Build Exercise into Life Using stairs
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