forever young naturally exercise

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Keeping Motivated Think yourself active

Forever Young Naturally Exercise

Keeping Motivated Think yourself active

If you think of yourself as an active person who exercises you are more likely to become one, a study suggests. If you’ve lived a largely sedentary life until now, this mindshift may take some getting used to. It can help to join a club of active people, who naturally include you in their fitness activities. Affirmations are helpful, too: start repeating to yourself “I am active and fit.”

Working the Body Warning signs
Exercising the Brain Unplug the phone
Exercising the Brain Rearrange familiar objects
Honing Problem Areas Best butt exercise
Maintaining Posture While you wait
Keeping Motivated Motivation tip
Working with Weights Handheld weights
Working the Body Build up slowly
Cooling Down Just float
Exercising the Brain Switch hands
Exercise Essentials Changing room courage
Working with Weights Get advice
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