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Forever Young Naturally Exercise

221. Beating Fatigue Read backward
Read the words of this tip backward, starting at the last line. What associations arise? If you feel tired this acts as a great pickup.
222. Beating Fatigue Rhodiola rosea
Renowned for its antistress and fatigue-relieving properties, this root revives those under intense physical and mental strain. Take up to 100-200 mg three times a day, with twoweek breaks every three months. (Avoid if pregnant, breastfeeding, or if you have bi-polar disorder.)
223. Beating Fatigue When to slow down
Physical symptoms of fatigue can be a sign that you need to slow down. Heed them before your body stops you by succumbing to infection.
224. Youthful Spirit
Staying youthful in mind by being creative, acting out of character every so often, and not taking things for granted helps to keep the brain and body acting young, and promotes feelings of well-being, associated in older people with greater longevity. Fresh perspective keeps the mind resilient and adaptable, and encourages positivity, which in turn encourages immunity.
225. Youthful Spirit Do something daring
Every week do something a bit daring: run through the backyard naked, start a conversation with a stranger on a train, go skinny dipping, phone in sick, wear a shorter skirt, book a surfing weekend or a parachute jump, call the person you lust after and ask them out to dinner. Enjoy the new you.
226. Youthful Spirit Get creative
Try a new hobby that involves making something. Throw clay, knead dough, knit with chunky needles. Join a patchworking circle, a life-drawing class, or upholstery lessons. If you prefer to be alone, sit down and start that autobiography, record your thoughts in poetry, or sketch with charcoal. Studies show that being creative improves mental and physical well-being and memory skills, reduces depression, and leads to enhanced joie de vivre in seniors. Success breeds greater expectations of success in future endeavors.
227. Youthful Spirit Healing flowers
It’s all too easy to dwell in the past when you have rather a lot of it. The Bach Flower Essence Honeysuckle helps those whose preoccupation with either “the good old days” or past traumatic events prevents full enjoyment of life in the present. Place 2 drops in a glass of water and sip four times a day or as necessary.
228. Youthful Spirit Listen to new music
Still listening to the songs of your youth? Every couple of months buy a CD by an artist you’ve never heard of. (Try your library and look for free downloads.) Listen to it at least five times. If you like it, follow up the back catalog and CDs by other musicians on the recording or label or work by the same producer. Once a year, look back at how your musical tastes have evolved.
229. Youthful Spirit Help out at playgroup
Help with a preschool group to see life afresh through the eyes of a child. Rediscover the joy of splashing color, mashing clay, watching tadpoles grow, and witnessing emotions at their most raw.
230. Youthful Spirit Give away time
Volunteer to gain fresh perspectives. In a University of Michigan study, volunteering for less than an hour a week was associated with extended life expectancy in older people effects were most striking in those who didn’t get out much.

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