forever young naturally eating

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Forever Young Naturally Eating

41. Shopping for Food Pick your own
In soft fruit season, head out to a pick-your-own farm to harvest strawberries, raspberries, and other delicate fruit that doesnít travel well when ripe. Eat as many as you can fresh, then freeze or preserve the rest for a dose of cheering sunshine during dark winter months. This makes a great bonding family outing that appeals to children and grandchildren of all ages.
42. Shopping for Food Source direct from the farm
Cut down on food miles and enjoy the destressing effect of knowing exactly where your food comes from by buying direct from a farm. Look for meat freezer packs and programs that deliver to your doorstep.
43. Shopping for Food Champion specialty
varieties Local breeds have lost out in past decades to livestock that is cheap to raise, but bland to the palate. Help revive taste history by joining the increasing numbers of chefs and shoppers returning to older, more unusual varieties, which are often more suited to regional climates and cuisines. Rare-breed meat is more likely to have been raised on family farms in free-range conditions with a varied diet, and to have been slaughtered humanely and properly hung. For all these reasons it tastes rich and well-textured, and offers a good balance between lean meat and flavor-enhancing fat.
44. Shopping for Food Buy fair
Seek out fairly traded goods for a daily feel-good fix. Feeling uplifted by your ability to make a difference in the world every time you drink a cup of coffee or eat a banana is an easy stress-beater. People who retain a positive state of mind as they age live longer, happier lives.
45. Shopping for Food Special occasions
When planning a meal to celebrate a birthday or anniversary why not turn to local producers to impress your guests? Put together hampers of cured meat, smoked fish, cheeses, fruit, and bread loaves and head out to a nearby nature spot.
46. Shopping for Food Supermarket savvy
Get to know how supermarkets work so itís easier to resist the lure of unhealthy processed foods. Fresh produce milk, fruit and vegetables, fish and meat counters are usually situated around the perimeter of the store. Venture into the center, where snack foods and preprepared meals lurk, for olive oil and wine only when you are ready to leave.
47. Shopping for Food Take your own bag
Reduce the amount of plastics accumulating in the environment and the toxins created by their manufacture and disposal by taking cloth bags and wicker baskets on shopping trips instead of using plastic bags. Keep a fold-out string bag in your handbag for carrying any spontaneous lunch hour purchases.
48. Healthy Eating Habits
How you eat helps turn back the clock. Missing breakfast, snacking on the run, and grazing while watching TV are all associated with eating excess calories and foods low in vital nutrients. Most of all, they preclude the joy of sharing food with people you love. Those who have a close network of family and friends to share mealtimes with tend to live longer, more fulfilled lives.
49. Healthy Eating Habits Rituals of eating
Think of meals as sacrosanct times during the day when you stop and relax. Make sure you set aside enough time for food preparation, eating, and cleaning up. Eat sitting at the table to aid digestion and to allow you to savor the texture, color, and scent of food: enjoying food has as much to do with these sensations as with taste.
50. Healthy Eating Habits Setting the table
To give mealtimes a sense of occasion, clear from the table everything except food-related items. Put away work files, homework, and unpaid bills.Throw over a clean tablecloth, place some fresh flowers or a candle in the center, add a pitcher of water with ice and lemon, and set cutlery, glasses, and napkins. Choose coordinating plates and warm them before serving food.

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