forever young naturally eating

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Forever Young Naturally Eating

31. Natural Nutrition Leave processed meat on the shelf
For colon health donít include a great deal of processed or cured meat in your diet, urges a Canadian study. This includes bacon, hot dogs, and salami. Preservative nitrites in salami and ďpressed hamĒ have been associated with increased risk of colon disease. In the same study, choosing fresh red meat or chicken breast seemed to lower the risk of disease by 39 percent.
32. Natural Nutrition Veggie protein
In recent years many research studies have underscored the health benefits of plant-derived protein as we age. Include nuts, seeds, and fiber-rich legumes, such as black beans, in your diet daily for protection against heart disease and stroke.
33. Shopping for Food
How you shop determines how well you eat. If you buy locally from farmersí markets and pick-your-own farms, specialty butchers, bakers, and fish sellers, artisinal cheese shops and good delis, the produce that reaches your plate will be full of flavor as well as fresh and nutritious.
34. Shopping for Food Organic farming
Food that is certified organic comes from farms run by people who are more likely to care about the health of our soil, water, and air, the living conditions of livestock, and the flora and fauna around the farm. Produce of organic farming is less likely to have trace residues of pesticides, artificial fertilizers, and antibiotics, and is guaranteed free from GM (genetically modified) material. Organic certifiers permit only a small range of artificial additives to be used in processed foods while more than 500 may be used in nonorganic foods.
35. Shopping for Food Nutrients boost
Organic farming seems to boost nutrient content. A recent UK study found 71 percent more omega-3 fats (best for the heart) in organic than conventionally farmed milk. In another study, organic spinach was shown to have 100 percent more iron and manganese than regular crops; deficiencies of both minerals are common in later life. The antioxidant vitamin E has been found to be as much as 50 percent more potent in organic crops.
36. Shopping for Food Organic priorities
Add a few organic staples to your shopping cart each week if you canít afford to convert to a totally organic diet. American magazine Worth the Money suggests prioritizing the following foods:
  • dairy foods
  • poultry and eggs
  • meat
  • apples and pears
  • raspberries and strawberries
  • cherries
  • nectarines and peaches
  • nonAmerican grapes
  • celery and peppers
  • potatoes
  • 37. Shopping for Food Eating local
    Faced with the choice between organic produce from the other side of the world and locally produced nonorganic foods, go for the local option to reduce environmental pollutants resulting from transport that may have an aging effect on body systems. Local food should not have spent too long in storage and so may contain more vitamins.
    38. Shopping for Food Read the labels
    Examine the ingredients listing of every item you pick off the shelf. If you donít understand any of the words or chemical formulae, replace the product and look for one with a shorter ingredients list, and one which you donít need a Masterís degree to decipher.
    39. Shopping for Food Visit farmersí markets
    With the best produce from miles around gathered in one place for a day, a farmersí market is as much a social occasion as a shopping opportunity. Enjoy meeting the producers and quiz them about their use of pesticides, antibiotics, and methods of animal husbandry. Ask how you tell whether produce is fresh, and inquire after cooking and juicing tips. Donít go with recipes in mind, rather, pick up what looks best on the day and let that inspire the dayís main meal.
    40. Shopping for Food Follow your senses
    At the farmersí market, be tempted by your nose and eyes into trying something new every week maybe an artisanal cheese, a type of fish or sausage youíve never tasted, local flower honey, or an old variety of apple. Ask stall-holders for preparation tips and to recommend good ingredient combinations.

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