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Forever Young Naturally Eating

131. Drinking Water
One of the best and cheapest antiaging tonics is to drink plenty of water. Hydration from within makes your skin look less tired, helps fend off headaches, digestive problems, and tiredness and reduces food cravings. It also boosts concentration, energy levels, and nutrient delivery, as well as flushing toxins from the system.
132. Drinking Water Water cure
The sensation of thirst declines with age. Make sure you donít become dehydrated by drinking six to eight glasses of water (about 4 pints/ 2 liters) daily, especially in summer and when working in air-conditioned or centrally heated rooms.
133. Drinking Water Store in glass
If you buy mineral water choose brands in glass bottles because plastic (especially polycarbonate, with the recycling triangle mark 7) taints the taste of water and may leach the hormone-disrupting chemical bisphenol-A. Store tap water in the fridge in glass or stainless steel.
134. Drinking Water Still or sparkling
Carbonated water has gotten bad press but a study of Spanish women found it had no effect on bone density. Another study carried out on American cyclists showed that carbonated water has no adverse effects on the digestive system.
135. Drinking Water Drink enough water
Drink a glass of water after getting up and make another glass the last liquid you sip before bed. When you work, drink often from a glass of water close to your desk and take regular water-cooler breaks to fill up. Keep a bottle of water by your side at the gym.
136. Drinking Water Soft drinks make you fat
Opt for plain or sparkling water over carbonated sugary drinks. A recent US study showed drinking just one can a day can add 15 lb (7 kg) to a personís weight over a year.
137. Drinking Water Citron pressť
Squeeze the juice of half an organic lemon into a glass. Top off with warm or sparkling water and sip for a morning pick-me-up that encourages digestion.
138. Drinking Water Find out about fluoride
High intake of fluoride may result in bones that become more brittle. Find out from your supplier if your water supply contains fluoride. If it does, you might like to avoid fluoride toothpaste.
139. Drinking Water Water filters
Use a water filter if it makes water more palatable. Filters that fit into a pitcher screen out heavy metals, such as lead and copper, but might not be effective against some pesticides and nitrates. A reverseosmosis filter installed near the sink is the only way to rid water of fluoride and many pesticides.
140. Organic Juicing
Juicing fruit and vegetables makes available all the benefits of raw food without time-consuming chewing. If you juice at home you can be creative with combinations and be sure of the provenance of ingredients. Make the most of bags of organic juicing fruit sold cheaply at farmersí markets. If you find eating breakfast onerous, whizz up pitted, peeled fruit with yogurt, seeds, and nuts for an easy-to-sip smoothie.

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