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Superstar Ingredients

Forever Young Naturally Beauty

Superstar Ingredients

Many of the youth-enhancing nutrients, herbs, and oils that play a major role in off-the-shelf natural beauty preparations are already in your vegetable rack, refrigerator, or pantry, making it easy to create effective (and cost-effective) antiaging treatments at home.

Natural Pedicure Aching foot bath
Natural Bathing Summer herb soak
Natural Pedicure Try the yoga “legs up the wall” pose
Antiaging Skin Basics Take a deep breath
Antiaging Skin Basics Necessary fats
Oiling the Body Aromatherapy oils
Organic Shampooing Tea tree treat
Scalpel free Face lifts
Essential Toothcare
Skincare in the Sun Faking it
Organic Nightcare Off the shelf creams
Organic Shampooing Off the shelf products
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