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Organic Beauty Top 10 ingredients to avoid

Forever Young Naturally Beauty

Organic Beauty Top 10 ingredients to avoid

Some ingredients are more undesirable than other try to avoid the following:
  • Petroleum-based substances - these are drying for the skin and polluting for the atmosphere.
  • Formaldehyde - this irritates the skin and is cancer-inducing.
  • Parfum/fragrance - this is a catch-all term for around 100 synthetic ingredients thought to trigger one third of cosmetic allergies; they donít have to appear on the label.
  • SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) - this is a harsh detergent that can cause skin and eye irritation and exacerbate dry skin.
  • Phthalates - these hormonedisrupting substances were detected by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the body of every person tested.
  • Parabens - these estrogenmimicking preservatives are found in almost all mass-market cosmetics; they are known to accumulate in the body.
  • DEA-, MEA, TEA prefixes - these can irritate scalp and eyes; they may also react with impurities and preservatives to create carcinogenic substances.
  • PEG - these can irritate the scalp.

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