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Nontoxic Manicure Step by step manicure

Forever Young Naturally Beauty

Nontoxic Manicure Step by step manicure

Avoid nail salons and instead give yourself an all-natural manicure at home. In doing so you reduce your exposure to toluene, a key ingredient of nail polishes and removers, which is especially assaulting for the nervous system.
1. Remove nail polish with an acetonefree remover, sweeping from cuticle to tip. Soften hands and nails in a hand bath for 5–10 minutes. Pat dry. Living Nature’s Manuka Honey Hand and Body Cream doubles as a footbalm for very dry skin.
2. With a cotton swab, ease out dirt from beneath each nail. Wrap a cotton ball around an orange stick and dip into rosehip oil. Ease back cuticles.
3. File nails with a soft emery board in one direction only, working from the outside inward. Massage in a little avocado or rosehip oil.

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