forever young naturally beauty

Natural Haircare Basics Eat your hair fitter

Forever Young Naturally Beauty

Natural Haircare Basics Eat your hair fitter

Make sure you are getting adequate B vitamins for hair health by adding eggs and whole grains, nuts, seeds, and molasses to your diet. The B vitamins 3, 5, and 6 are essential for radiance; B² for repairs. Levels of the mineral silica, which strengthens nails and teeth as well as hair, decrease with age. Good foods for hair health include fruit and vegetables, small oily fish, seaweed, olive oil, nuts, and seeds. Drink nettle tea for body and shine.

Essential Toothcare White tea for
Essential Toothcare Avoiding fluoride
Essential Toothcare Treating mouth ulcers
Give Yourself Angry red marks
Instant Radiance Quick forehead release
Emergency Eye Action Banish crow’s feet
Organic Shampooing Tea tree treat
Conditioning Treatment Prewash mud mask for
Natural Pedicure Try the yoga “legs up the wall” pose
Lip Treatments Plumping exercise
Organic Nightcare Night care oil
Natural Bathing Natural soap
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