forever young naturally beauty

Give Yourself

Forever Young Naturally Beauty

Give Yourself

a quick facial Pour a little grapeseed oil or oil blend onto the palm of one hand. Rub the palms together, then rub the backs of the hands. Begin by stroking the backs of your fingers up from neck to jaw, alternating hands. Work on both sides of the neck. Repeat from jaw to cheekbone on both sides. Now run alternate index fingers from eyebrow to hair line. Circle your temples with your middle fingers, then massage the lobes of the ears, circling them between fingers and thumbs.

Essential Toothcare Prevent yellowing
Organic Beauty Check the certification
Antiaging Skin Basics Take a deep breath
Natural Bathing Spiced bath bag
Natural Cellulite Busters Anticellulite massage oil
Natural Bathing Relaxing bath oil
Organic Beauty Rinse off toxins
Organic Nightcare Let your skin breathe
Antiaging Skin Basics
Daily Facial Care Calming influence
Eternal Style Seasonal dressing
Give Yourself Blemish blitzes
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