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Eternal Style Natural moth protection

Forever Young Naturally Beauty

Eternal Style Natural moth protection

Launder or dry clean, then store away the previous seasonís clothes (moths like sweat). Add cedar balls as a deterrent. If moths make inroads, place clothes in a freezer (in bags) for three weeks or zap in the microwave to kill live moths and eggs.

Nontoxic Manicure Nasty nail polish
Natural Pedicure Varicose vein treatment
Natural Bathing Summer herb soak
Superstar Ingredients Sea cures
Natural Bathing Take a sauna
Emergency Eye Action Weight train your eyes
Daily Facial Care Maintain a light touch
Daily Facial Care Sun soother
Holistic Hair Coloring Natural lowlights
Lip Treatments Define lips
Deep Cleansing Rose scented rinse
Natural Pedicure Homeopathy for
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