Narcissus Triandrus


A flower known as a bloom or blossom, is the reproductive structure found in flowering plants.
Narcissus Triandrus

The present species of Narcissus is considered by the Nursery men near London as the triandrus of Linnaeus, which it no doubt is, though it does not accord in every particular with his description his triandrus is white, ours is pale yellow, but colour is not in the least to be depended on, for it is found to vary in this as in all the other species, his triandrus he describes as having in general only three stamina, whence the name he has given it, ours, so far as we have observed, has constantly six, three of which reach no further than the mouth of the tube, a circumstance so unusual, that Linnaeus might overlook it without any great impeachment of his discernment, he says, indeed, that it has sometimes six perhaps, the three lowermost ones may, in some instances, be elongated so as to equal the others, if he had observed the great inequality of their length, he would certainly have mentioned it.
This species is found wild on the Pyrenean mountains, was an inhabitant of our gardens in the time of Parkinson (who has very accurately described it, noticing even its three stamina) to which, however, it has been a stranger for many years it has lately been re introduced, but is as yet very scarce. Our figure was taken from a specimen which flowered in Mr. Lees Nursery at Hammersmith.
It grows with as much readiness as any of the others of the genus, and flowers in March and April.

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