Alyssum Deltoideum


A flower known as a bloom or blossom, is the reproductive structure found in flowering plants.
Alyssum Deltoideum

Plants which flower early, and continue a long while in bloom, are deservedly preferred, more especially by those who content themselves with a partial collection, of that number is the present species of Alyssum, which begins to flower in March, and continues to blossom through April, May, and June, and, if favourably situated, during most of the summer.It is properly a rock plant, being hardy, forming with very little care a neat tuft of flowers, and not apt to encroach on its neighbours.May be propagated by parting its roots in Autumn, or by cuttings.Is a native of the Levant, according to Mr. Aiton, and cultivated by Mr. Miller, in 1739, but omitted in the 6th 4to. edition of his Dictionary has usually been considered by the Nurserymen about London as the hyperboreum.

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