fitness stretching

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Shoulder Adductor Elevator and Protractor Stretch

Fitness Stretching

Shoulder Adductor Elevator and Protractor Stretch

Shoulder, Back, and Chest Stretches: Bringing the arm above the shoulder changes the emphasis of the stretch to the elevators and protractors.

Stand upright with the feet shoulder-width apart. Raise the left hand high above the head, and bring the left arm up against the left side of the head. With the right hand, grab hold of the left elbow. With the right hand, try to pull the left elbow behind the head, past the left ear.

Affected Body Part:
Most-stretched muscles: Left posterior deltoid, left latissimus dorsi, left triceps brachii, left lower trapezius, left serratus anterior.
Lesser-stretched muscles: Left teres major, left teres minor, left supraspinatus, left rhomboids, left pectoralis minor.

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