fitness stretching

Seated Toe Extensor Stretch

Fitness Stretching

Seated Toe Extensor Stretch

Foot and Calf Stretches:

While sitting on a chair with the left foot on the floor, raise the right ankle and place it on top of the left knee. While bracing the right ankle with the right hand, place the fingers of the left hand on the tops of the right toes. Pull the tips of the toes toward the sole of the foot.

Affected Body Part:
Most-stretched muscles: Right extensor digitorum longus, right extensor digitorum brevis, right extensor hallucis longus, right extensor hallucis brevis, right anterior tibialis.
Lesser-stretched muscles: Right peroneus tertius, right dorsal interosseous, right lumbricales.

Hold the ankle firmly in order to keep it and the foot stable. You will feel the stretch on the top of the foot area (dorsal side). If grasping and pulling on the tips of the toes cause too much pain, apply the pressure at the ball of the foot.

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