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Black Molly

Fish Aquarium

Planning to have an aquarium, here is information on top 50 aquarium fishes you would like to have.
Black Molly

The Black Molly species is a hybrid, a cross between the Sailfin Molly and the Short-finned Molly. The Black Molly is all black in coloration with short fins. They may have patches of a slight gold or silver coloration when a juvenile, but will outgrow this with age.

Living Environment : All flake and freeze-dried foods are accepted, but flake foods high in vegetable content are essential. The aquarium should be planted as densely as possible or have a thick algae mat. Mollies and other live-bearers enjoy occasional feedings of blanched zucchini.It does best when a teaspoon of salt is added for each gallon of water.

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