fast and furious cars in the world

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1970 Ford Escort RS1600

Fast and Furious Cars in the world

Everyone expected The Fast and The Furious to be a popular movie, but no one expected it to spawn.
1970 Ford Escort RS1600

Another small car, the Ford Escort was a very common car in Europe. Introduced in 1968, the Escort was Ford s European small car which housed a four cylinder, overhead valve engine of 1.1 or 1.3 liter; needless to say, not a powerful vehicle. That is until the small rugged nimble car was introduced to a 1.6 liter twincam 16 valve BDA four cylinder engine in 1970. The BDA featured Ford s first four valve combustion chambers and transformed the Escort into a daredevil of a performance vehicle.

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1970 Ford Escort RS1600
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