fantastic pieces of origami

Fantastic Pieces Of Origami

Fantastic Pieces of Origami: Paper Ball, Origami Christmas Ornaments.
1. Dinosaur
Can you imagine if this guy was to scale? What a big scary paper beast it would be. It could roam the land wreaking havoc all over the place inflicting horrible paper cuts with its razor sharp teeth.
2. Face
This one looks a little abstract doesn t it? And by abstract I mean totally confusing. This lady seems to have a few too many eyes. Which isn t a bad thing I guess. It s better than having less than two.
3. Japanese Coy
The Japanese Coy (or coi) is actually just a carp. Now look at this wonderful piece of art and tell me if you could have ever imagined a carp to be so beautiful. It also kind of looks like a lady s shoe.
4. Tree frog
Now things are starting to heat up a little bit. The artist here as really taken some time and put effort in to the shape of the animal it is attempting to represent. It almost looks like it could be real.
5. Polar Bear
Does this little fella look like he is making the normal facial expressions of a polar bear and roaring or maybe he has something stuck in his throat. It could be that he has swallowed a pencil. This is one polar bear that I would fight.
6. Black Beauty
Soon, we will have a whole animal kingdom and be able to build an ark. The only issue might be making sure that there is no water splashing up from the side of the ark. We really must keep these animals dry.
7. Wise Owl
Look at this guy. He is comfortably perched on his err perch. Why are owls wise? If I m being perfectly honest, this particular owl doesn t seem that wise to me. I don t know what it is that detracts from his knowledge. I mean, he is made from paper.
8. Gorilla
If you painted this guy just a little darker and stuck him in a forest somewhere in Africa, you would never know the difference between him and the real thing. Until there is a tropical downpour that is.
9. Mantis
Now this is really starting to get serious. Polar bears and gorillas is one thing but insects is a whole other world of insanely intricate paper folding. Now this one really does look like it is very close to the real thing.
10. Banana
You know the problem with making the shapes of food from paper is that, with me personally, I would always get hungry just by looking at it. Not so bad if it s banana but I m not very good at origami so I would probably start with easier packaged (and less healthy food).

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