facts about bees you probably didnt know

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During the 1400s

Facts About Bees You Probably Didnt Know

During the 1400s

Africans trained killer bees to protect their villages and keep the slave traders away Quite an effective way to stay safe and protect natives

Bees dont generally die when they sting
Facts About Bees You Probably Didnt Know
To produce a single jar of honey
Honey bees know the world is round and can even calculate angles
Honey badgers emit smelly suffocating secretions from their anal glands to fumigate hives so bees leave their honey for them
Harvard University is currently trying to create robotic honey bees since the honey bee population is declining
Honeybees can recognize individual human faces
Honeybees are assigned jobs based on their age
Bees normally buzz in the key of A
Changing queen bees will change the personality and behavior of a bee colony
Queen bees can control the sex of their offspring
During the 1400s
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