facts about bees you probably didnt know

Beekeepers in France discovered blue and green honey

Facts About Bees You Probably Didnt Know

Beekeepers in France discovered blue and green honey

the result of bees foraging in the waste created in the production of M&MsThey could not pass the uncovered containers with sugary waste of M&Ms the result surprised everyone

Bees dont hibernate in the winter
To produce a single jar of honey
Bees and butterflies like drinking crocodile tears
During the 1400s
It takes 8 bees all their life to make one single teaspoon full of honey
Queen bees can control the sex of their offspring
Once the Queen is deemed unfit to serve
Bees can be trained to detect bombs
Beekeepers in France discovered blue and green honey
Bees normally buzz in the key of A
Honey bees know the world is round and can even calculate angles
Bees dont generally die when they sting
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