eye catching minimalist nail art designs

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Eye Catching Minimalist Nail Art Designs

The Eye Catching Minimalist Nail Art Designs How to apply makeup correctly.
1. A single dot is eye catching but not over the top
Nail art has developed to a great extent off late and has become a fancy art form with people taking great pains to include as many details of artwork as possible into tiny nails. The nail art shown in the image is pretty simple though. It contains only one small silver dot against a deep navy blue background. Even so the dots placed in a single line on every nail become too monotonous. There could have been some variations in the placement of the dots and their sizes to make things more vivid as vivid as the color of the nail paint itself.
2. So is a single stripe
Nail art is a big thing today with people learning how to beautify nails with paint and customers waiting patiently for great periods of time to get their nails painted in quirky ways. While there is no dearth of the ways in which you can paint your nails, the picture here presents to you one sample. The nail art done here is squarelike white stripes on nails painted a nice maroon. While this is a nice work, it does become a bit too monotonous on nail after nail. What is making it even more boring is the precisely same placement of the stripes on every nails. A bit of variety would have worked wonders here.
3. Subtlety Can Also Rock
Subtlety need not always tone things down; it can rock them too, as the nail art shown in this image proves. The base coat color of this nail work is a subtle nude one that almost would have gone unnoticed had it not been for the perfect black stripes running from across the top till almost the base of the nail on every finger. Those black, thin stripes set against a subtle nude background certainly stand out and add very much to the charm of those perfectly shaped nails. It just shows that the power of imagination can work wonders with even seemingly unnoticeable colors like the nude.
4. A bit on the tribal side
Tiny dots, be they of the earthy tones or light colored ones set against an earthyhued background are so typical of a tribal artwork. And when a design of such a theme is transferred to the nails, it produces a nail art that beckons several
5. Half Pink
Nowadays nail art does not mean covering the entire nails with paint and then some flourishes. There is beauty also in leaving one part of the nail sans paint it just brings out the lovely shades of the natural, pinky nails. This picture here is a perfect example of how you can paint just half the nail and yet make it look so beautiful. The pink nail paint used in this nail art sets off very elegantly against the nude pink hue of the natural nails. In complementing each other, the natural pink and the nailpaint pink make the nails look as if they are in the
6. Rock it with Triangles
This image of the nail art here is a perfect example of contrasts in colors. First, there is the lighterthansky blue base coat applied to all the nails. This alone would have made the nails look pretty subtle. But the dual colored triangles on the nails add strongly to the entire show of the nail work. The beauty with the two colors chosen for the triangle, a dark blue and pure white is that they are the darker and lighter versions on the base nail color. In being so, the three colors together appear to be strung harmoniously together and yet stand ground each on their own to add to the beauty of the entire nail art.
7. Grey is Good
Who said that grey is a dull and boring color? This image here just disproves that. The thick grey colored coat of paint on the nails looks very nice on those perfectly shaped nails. But what adds to the loveliness of the nails is the crescent moon shaped white bases. It is that which starkly stands out against the grey paint and makes it even more beautiful. Another flourish in this image is the simple gold band on middle finger. Against a matte finished nail, the gold ring with its metallic shine completes the beauty of the nail art perfectly.
8. Pop of neon
Grey is a boring color a statement many would probably agree with. But the grey coat of paint on the nails in this image looks pretty nice, even though the color might be regarded as dull. Perhaps what makes it look good is the shimmery shine the coat of paint offers the nail. That apart, the biggest plus point in the nail art work here is the thin neon hued tips. It is this that makes the nails seem brighter than they really are. Just those little neon tips are enough to transform notsocatchy grey nails into eyecatchy ones. But a pop of neon is enough; too much of it could make eyes pop out.
9. Another Case of a Pop of Neon
Here is another example of what a pop of neon could to the final look of your nails. The color applied here too is a dull grey, no doubt with a certain shine that somewhat enhances the loveliness of the nail color. But with the pop of neon designed in a triangular shape across the nails, the grey color on the nails suddenly become eyecatchy. The amount of neon on the nails is just a bit, but even so, this little amount is enough to transform the nails from being boring to becoming bright and attractive. Also, note the variation in the size of the triangles on alternate nails. Lovely variety for sure.
10. You cant go wrong with classic black and white
Black and white combination might never go out of fashion, whether it is in clothes or on nails. This combination in the nails in the picture here makes them look quite classy, even though the design is simple enough. There is not much to talk about regarding the design on the nails it is just some stripes that decrease in length as one moves towards the base of the nails. But set against a pure white backdrop, the thin black stripes look like perfect vintage artworks. It is good that the nail art here contains just this amount of black; anything more would have perhaps spoilt the entire look.

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