extreme guinness world records

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The most tattooed senior citizen

Extreme Guinness World Records

Here are some of most crazy guinness world records of all time.
The most tattooed senior citizen

The most tattooed senior citizen is Isobel Varley, who covered 93 percent of her body with the ink art.

Longest distance on a unicycle in 24 hours
Fastest 100m running on all fours
Most people dancing Michael Jackson s Thriller
Most Mentos in soda fountains
Stretchiest skin
Greatest altitude for a balloon skywalk
Heaviest vehicle pulled over 100ft
Most people dressed as Smurfs
Largest display of Star Wars clone troopers built with interlocking plastic bricks
Largest pie fight
Greatest distance cycled in 24 hours unpaced
Fastest skateboard speed from a standing position
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