expert tips on integrating mobile and cloud strategies

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Ask your employees what they want

Expert Tips on Integrating Mobile and Cloud Strategies

Ask your employees what they want

Listen to your employees. In many ways the cloud strategy should be guided by the mobile needs of your workforce. Ask yourself what your teams need first and foremost, advised Eric Hanson (@fuze), VP of strategic initiatives, Fuze. Whether it is giving them tools to be in more places at once or those that help them strike a balance between life and work, technology needs to serve as an enabler to give them control of their day, to stay connected and engaged, and to free them to get their work done on their terms.

Secure mobile device data at all stages
Integrate unified communications
Ignore server data organization when defining mobile strategy
Understand the how what where when and who of data
Map out users and applications for easy access to needed data
Speed up mobile application development
Optimize display for the mobile experience
Offload computation to the cloud
Test in public cloud move to private cloud for production
Get Goldilocks visibility into your cloud
Ask your employees what they want
Utilize productivity suites
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