Expert Tips on Integrating Mobile and Cloud Strategies
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Integrate unified communications
Start with low hanging fruit such as an integrated unified communications (UC) as a service. It s a lower risk proposition focused on improving worker collaboration that naturally incorporates mobile devices in the mix, advised Setu Shah (@setushah2), business solutions manager, Orange Business Services. With UC as a service, an initial cloud infrastructure is put into place that can later be expanded to a wide array of mobile applications, or used to store mobile data in the cloud instead of on the device itself. It s a great first step for figuring out what does and will not work in a mobile focused cloud for your organization when it comes to security parameters, bandwidth levels, and device management.

Understand the how what where when and who of data
Get Goldilocks visibility into your cloud
Recognize that mobile and cloud are symbiotic and synergistic
Offload computation to the cloud
Use Big Data to understand user mobile behavior
Secure mobile device data at all stages
Develop a cloud first and a mobile first strategy
Ask your employees what they want

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