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Want to stop procrastinating

Exam Tips

tips for the day of your exam to boost your exam performance.
Want to stop procrastinating

  • Figure out the why you are procrastinating. Is the task challenging? Is it boring? Does it require time and effort? If so, then this is why planning is crucial. Usually, students tend to leave the daunting assignments until the last minute. Instead, try to do them first because once the difficult task is over, you can do something you prefer without the burden of doing this particular task.
  • Stay motivated. What doesnt kill you makes you stronger, and thats the mindset we should all have approaching challenging tasks. Think of the long term and short term goals you have for yourself. Everything you do will bring you closer to those goals.
  • Make a plan and write down everything you need to do. If it is preferable, you can do it online or on your phone. All of your assignments, deadlines, homework, and tests should be on a calendar so you can visually see what you have to do. If you just keep it in your head, you might not see how much needs to be done. This way you can manage your time so you do not leave anything until the day before.

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