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Do you still think procrastination is good for you

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Do you still think procrastination is good for you

Many proponents of procrastination argue that is has positive effects on a student. Notably, many students believe that they work better when they are under pressure. However, according to psychologist Timothy Pychyl, the director of the Procrastination Research Group at Carleton University, this is just a myth. He states that there is not any evidence that legitimately proves that students perform better in a hurry Pychyl . Furthermore, many of the students that use this claim to justify their actions of procrastination have not even tried to work when they are calm. Just because they get the work done, does not mean that they did the work well. These students put themselves in an uneasy position involving a surplus amount of unwanted stress, anxiety, and fatigue when they save their tasks until the last minute. Overall, these proponents do not have a valid reason for procrastinating when it comes to school related tasks.

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