emperor ashoka

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The First Buddhist King

Emperor Ashoka

Emperor Ashoka to a stable and peaceful emperor and he started patronising Buddhism.
The First Buddhist King

Ashoka now reversed course. He set free all of his prisoners and returned their property.There is a story that the pregnant wife of one of his brothers escaped the palace before she could be killed. The baby survived and was brought up by Buddhist monks and nuns. When the boy was 13, he was discovered by Ashoka who learned the boys identity. Ashoka, at this time, felt so much shame that he moved the boy and his mother to live in the palace.At this time, he got a new name. Instead of Chandashoka, he became known as Dharmashoka which means pious Ashoka.

Rise to Power
Death of Ashoka
Battle of Kalinga
The Life of Ashoka the Great
Accession to the Throne
Legacy of Ashoka
Equality for All
As Administrator
Great Public Works Projects
A Talented Military Leader
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