emperor ashoka

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Great Public Works Projects

Emperor Ashoka

Emperor Ashoka to a stable and peaceful emperor and he started patronising Buddhism.
Great Public Works Projects

Ashoka now begins a massive public works project where he orders the creation of thousands of Buddhist buildings. He builds stupas which are mounds that house Buddhist relics and he builds viharas which are Buddhist monasteries. He orders the construction of roadhouses for travelers which are free of charge.He created edicts which protect wildlife against sport hunting and he promotes the vegetarianism. He initiates the building of universities, irrigation systems, and hospitals.He signs peace treaties with many of the neighboring kingdom even though with Indias resources, he would have little trouble to conquer them outright.

Ashoka Chakra
The Battle of Kalinga
Equality for All
The First Buddhist King
Conversion to Buddhism
Embracing Spreading Buddhism
Battle of Kalinga
Ashoka the Terrible
Accession to the Throne
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