emperor ashoka

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A Talented Military Leader

Emperor Ashoka

Emperor Ashoka to a stable and peaceful emperor and he started patronising Buddhism.
A Talented Military Leader

Ashoka was born in 304 BC. He was the son of the Mauryan Emperor Bindusara. He had one younger brother and also older half-brothers. Early on, he showed great promise. When he started showing success as a military leader, his older brothers began to fear that Ashoka would ascend to the throne.When an uprising occurred in the Takshashila province, Prince Susima suggested to his father that Ashoka would be the best person to deal with it. When news reached the province that Ashoka was coming, the fighting stopped. The militia who had started the revolt welcomed Ashokas arrival.With this victory, Susima became more concerned about Ashoka. He portrayed him as power hungry and ambitious. Soon, he had convinced his father to exile Ashoka to Kalinga.

Great Public Works Projects
Legacy of Ashoka
As Administrator
Accession to the Throne
Ashoka Chakra
Death of Ashoka
Equality for All
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