embarrassing celebrity moments

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Fergie pees her pants

Embarrassing Celebrity Moments

The Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments Of All Times.
Fergie pees her pants

Ive heard of getting excited during a performance, but Fergie took her excitement to another level when she relieved herself onstage. Black Eyed Peas songs can get people jumping up and down and acting crazy but who knew they did that to their own performers?

Leonardo DiCaprio posing in his younger days
Ashley Simpson lip syncing error
Nicki Minaj
Harry Styles takes a spill onstage
ALSO 2014 Oscars
Kim Kardashian
Ice Ts Wife proving her butt is real
Sandra Bullock
Lady Gaga
Taylor Swift has a Marilyn Monroe moment
Katy Perry nude suit
John Travoltas Oscars flub
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