embarrassing celebrity moments

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Embarrassing Celebrity Moments

The Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments Of All Times.
21. Madonna
Even material girls can miss a step on stage. During the Super Bowl halftime show, Madonna missed a step and stumbled for a brief moment. She was quickly caught by a dancer but the image will forever live in infamy. Because when 100 million people are watching, things like that tend to get noticed.
22. Demi Moore
We have definitely all done this so no big deal for Demi Moore here really. She went to a Chanel party in Miami and apparently danced a little bit awkwardly right in front of Lenny Kravitz, who seemed a bit embarrassed and turned away. Oh well, just say you were drunk.
23. Sarah Jessica Parker
This isnt really that bad when compared to peeing yourself on stage or something like that but I guess it is Sarah Jessica Parkers position as a fashion icon which might make her cringe at this photo. But lets be honest, everyone has that feeling when they look back at old photos.
24. Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga wears enough weird stuff that would embarrass most people that it is hard to know where the line must be drawn when referring to her. But this picture sparked issues of weight gain or merely just a poor fit of this leather dress in Amsterdam in 2012.
25. Sandra Bullock
I guess she might be a bit embarrassed about this photo I mean, semi naked, weird blue jeans and the flowers and glasses of a hippy. She usually appears quite stylish but in this photo, not so much.
26. Kim Kardashian
On her way to promote her own fragrance back in March of 2012, Kim Kardashian was bombed The bomb in question was only a flour bomb though. She is used to covering her face with flour though I think. No big deal. There should be more public annoyance of KK.
27. Jennifer lopez
J.Lo was celebrating her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2013, but things seemed to get a little hot. Maybe she was melting. Maybe this is actually a wax statue of Jennifer Lopez. It is hard to tell sometimes.
28. Miley Cyrus
There are some cruel people amongst us that suggest the only thing more embarrassing for Billy Ray than Achy Breaky Heart was having his daughter. But she has one or two of her own. In these photos, she clearly needs to check her makeup situation and pay particular attention to the white stuff around her mouth.
29. Khloe Kardashian
If you belong to the Kardashian clan then you have made a living out of making a living and youve become a celebrity by just acting like a celebrity. So it would be hard to complain when you get snapped in a not so Marilyn Monroe moment.
30. Kristen Stewart
Her most embarrassing moment was probably when she was caught out with the director of Snow White and the Huntsman, Rupert Sanders. When pictures of her kissing him surfaced in US Weekly, I doubt that was too pleasant for all parties involved. Except the magazine.

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