embarrassing celebrity moments

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Embarrassing Celebrity Moments

The Most Embarrassing Celebrity Moments Of All Times.
11. Britney Spears goes bald
A lot of people would simply go to therapy if times were difficult. Britney Spears? Her therapy is to pick up a razor and shave the stress away. I think we all remember this mid 2000s bald stint of hers. Is Kevin Federline really that great of a catch to go to such drastic lengths upon breaking up? Apparently so.
12. John Travoltas Oscars flub
And the Oscar goes to Adele Dazeem. Or something like that. John Travolta wouldve been better off saying whatever her name is is the winner. This faux pas at last years Oscars went viral almost immediately, as everyone took jabs at John. Thankfully, Travolta came out on top. He performed a skit at this years Oscars with the real composer, Idina Menzel. In their act, she forgot his name. Way to make fun of yourself John, that makes everything okay.
13. Justin Bieber vomits
Justin Bieber recently did something that a lot of us do when we hear his name. Thats right During a live show, Justin suffered a sudden and nasty illness which prompted him to bend over and puke. Not sure what the illness was, other than too much Bieber fever.
14. Jennifer Lawrences Oscars stumble
I would get excited if I just won a Best Actress Oscar too. During Jennifers trek atop the Oscars stage, she suffered a slight tumble and the crowd gasped. But down to earth Lawrence hopped right back up, and immediately laughed about it. Shes stunningly attractive, and she has a sense of humor. Is it possible to be too perfect?
15. ALSO 2014 Oscars
This time, she couldnt even wait to get into the venue before taking a spill. As she exited her vehicle, Lawrence tripped but was helped up by her friends (and a nice LAPD officer). Well, at least she got it out of her system a tad sooner.
16. Ashley Simpson lip syncing error
This is just cringe worthy. At a performance on SNL, Ashleys incorrect backing track began playing without notice. For 60 of televisions most awkward seconds, she stood there on stage. Suddenly, she began doing a ridiculous little jig making things even more uncomfortable for everybody. Meanwhile, her musicians stared at her confused and bewildered. She eventually escaped the stage due to embarrassment and humiliation.
17. Leonardo DiCaprio posing in his younger days
Sometimes, you have to do some very strange things to be discovered. DiCaprio was 21 years old when this happened, so he had already done a few high profile movies and tv shows. But there is little explanation out there as to why this photo shoot ever took place and what it is for. Also, are the photographers currently in the witness protection program for leaking this picture? They should be.
18. Katy Perry hits cake hard
At a Latin Music Awards show, Katy Perry elected to belly flop into some birthday cake for no apparent reason. This is especially odd because she hits it like a brickwall, and ends up sliding down the side of it very awkwardly. Katy may have made this list twice, but her intentions are sincere.
19. Ice Ts Wife proving her butt is real
Coco was getting a lot of hater ade from people online saying her buttocks was not real. Luckily, we have hard hitting tv shows like The Doctors, that answer difficult questions like this. Verdict? No implants.
20. Selena Gomez bitten by the lip syncing bug and cursing on stage
Lip syncing struggles continue to plague the pop singing community. Young Selena Gomez is the latest to have been proven guilty of this crime. At the 2013 KISS FM Jingle Ball, Gomez apparently didnt realize her mic was on, and she dropped an audible F bomb. To top things off, she was also caught lip syncing that very night. This collection of errors is known as the double whammy.

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