eating secrets to help you lose weight

Eliminate Temptations

Eating Secrets to Help You Lose Weight

Eating Secrets to Help You Lose Weight
Eliminate Temptations

Go through your refrigerator and pantry and round up all of the indulgent snacks. If you have opened packages or containers, toss them out. It may seem wasteful, and it can feel painful to throw away food that you spent money on, but that doesn t mean you should keep this food in your home and let it literally weigh down your body. Most cities have food pantries and food banks that are willing to accept unopened canned goods and some dry goods. Do a search online for the nearest food pantry and find out what you can donate. If you absolutely have to keep some of this junk food around (perhaps for other family members), store it out of sight (on the top shelf of the cupboard or pantry). If it s out of sight, you ll eat less.

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Eliminate Temptations
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