easy vastu tips for your home

place a lemon in a glass of water

Easy Vastu tips for your home

place a lemon in a glass of water

To shoo away negative energy, place a lemon in a glass of water. This water needs to be changed every Saturday. This must be done religiously each week.Vastu is the Indian Feng Shui as we all know. It tells about how the houses should be made. There is a scientific reason behind each claim that vastu Shastra makes. Many have used these and have benefited from it too. So learn about some free vastu tips for home today.

Proportion of width and length of the building
Sleeping Direction
Clear your mind
Picture frames that depict tragedy
keeping medicines away from the kitchen
place a lemon in a glass of water
Light lamps
The Kitchen
place holy Ganga jal
having a nameplate outside ones door
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