Dreams Decoded
Scientific and Practical Interpretations of Dreams.

Fly-trap :
To see a fly-trap in a dream, is signal of malicious designing against you. To see one full of flies, denotes that small embarrassments will ward off greater ones.

Mouse-trap :
To see a mouse-trap in dreams, signifies your need to be careful of character, as wary persons have designs upon you.

Mouse-trap :
To see it full of mice, you will likely fall into the hands of enemies.

Mouse-trap :
To set a trap, you will artfully devise means to overcome your opponents.

Rat-trap :
To dream of falling into a rat-trap, denotes that you will be victimized and robbed of some valuable object.

Rat-trap :
To see an empty one, foretells the absence of slander or competition.

Rat-trap :
A broken one, denotes that you will be rid of unpleasant associations.

Rat-trap :
To set one, you will be made aware of the designs of enemies, but the warning will enable you to outwit them.

Trap :
To dream of setting a trap, denotes that you will use intrigue to carry out your designs

Trap :
If you are caught in a trap, you will be outwitted by your opponents.

Trap :
If you catch game in a trap, you will flourish in whatever vocation you may choose.

Trap :
To see an empty trap, there will be misfortune in the immediate future.

Trap :
An old or broken trap, denotes failure in business, and sickness in your family may follow.

Breakfast :
If you are eating alone, it means you will fall into your enemies' trap.
If you are eating with others it is good.

Lark :
To catch them in traps, you will win honor and love easily.

Lying :
To hear others lying, denotes that they are seeking to entrap you. Lynx.

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