Dreams Decoded
Scientific and Practical Interpretations of Dreams.

Horse :
To dream of dark horses, signifies prosperous conditions, but a large amount of discontent. Fleeting pleasures usually follow this dream.

Bones :
To see a pile of bones, famine and contaminating influences surround you.

Fire :
If you dream of kindling a fire, you may expect many pleasant surprises.
You will have distant friends to visit.

Cushion :
For a young woman to dream of making silken cushions, implies that she will be a bride before many months.

Oak :
To see an oak full of acorns, denotes increase and promotion.

Wound :
To see others wounded, denotes that injustice will be accorded you by your friends.

Stone :
To walk among rocks, or stones, omens that an uneven and rough pathway will be yours for at least a while.

Fables :
To dream of reading or telling fables, denotes pleasant tasks and a literary turn of mind. To the young, it signifies romantic attachments.

Wood-pile :
To dream of a wood-pile, denotes unsatisfactory business and misunderstandings in love.

Machinery :
To dream of machinery, denotes you will undertake some project which will give great anxiety, but which will finally result in good for you.

Corpulence :
If a man or woman sees himself or herself looking grossly corpulent, he or she should look well to their moral nature and impulses. Beware of either concave or convex telescopically or microscopically drawn pictures of yourself or others, as they forbode evil.

Hyena :
If one attacks you, your reputation will be set upon by busybodies.

Dun :
To dream that you receive a dun, warns you to look after your affairs and correct all tendency towards neglect of business and love.

Club :
To dream of being approached by a person bearing a club, denotes that you will be assailed by your adversaries, but you will overcome them and be unusually happy and prosperous; but if you club any one, you will undergo a rough and profitless journey.

Emerald :
To dream of an emerald, you will inherit property concerning which there will be some trouble with others.

Labyrinth :
If you are in a labyrinth of night or darkness, it foretells passing, but agonizing sickness and trouble.

Snow :
If you eat snow, you will fail to realize ideals.

Nose :
To see your own nose, indicates force of character, and consciousness of your ability to accomplish whatever enterprise you may choose to undertake.

Duet :
To hear a duet sung, is unpleasant tidings from the absent; but this will not last, as some new pleasure will displace the unpleasantness.

Javelin :
If you are pierced by a javelin, enemies will succeed in giving you trouble.

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