Dreams Decoded
Scientific and Practical Interpretations of Dreams.

Perfume :
To dream of inhaling perfume, is an augury of happy incidents.

Veil :
To dream that you wear a veil, denotes that you will not be perfectly sincere with your lover, and you will be forced to use stratagem to retain him.

Blood :
Blood-stained garments, indicate enemies who seek to tear down a successful career that is opening up before you.

Spider :
For a young woman to dream she sees gold spiders crawling around her, foretells that her fortune and prospect for happiness will improve, and new friends will surround her.

Tongue :
To dream that your tongue is affected in any way, denotes that your carelessness in talking will get you into trouble.

Carriage :
To see a carriage, implies that you will be gratified, and that you will make visits.

Africa :
For a woman to dream of African scenes, denotes she will make journeys which will prove lonesome and devoid of pleasure or profit.

Sailing :
To sail on a small vessel, denotes that your desires will not excel your power of possessing them.

Cap :
To see a prisoner's cap, denotes that your courage is failing you in time of danger.

Shroud :
To dream of a shroud, denotes sickness and its attendant distress and anxiety, coupled with the machinations of the evil-minded and false friends. Business will threaten decline after this dream.

Rice :
To see it mixed with dirt or otherwise impure, denotes sickness and separation from friends.

Moses :
To dream that you see Moses, means personal gain and a connubial alliance which will be a source of sweet congratulation to yourself.

Whisky :
To dream of whisky in bottles, denotes that you will be careful of your interests, protecting them with energy and watchfulness, thereby adding to their proportion.

Shave :
To merely contemplate getting a shave, in your dream, denotes you will plan for the successful development of enterprises, but will fail to generate energy sufficient to succeed.

Hay :
If you dream of mowing hay, you will find much good in life, and if a farmer your crops will yield abundantly.

Challenge :
To accept a challenge of any character, denotes that you will bear many ills yourself in your endeavor to shield others from dishonor.

Voyage :
A disastrous voyage brings incompetence, and false loves.

Boarding House :
To dream of a boarding house, foretells that you will suffer entanglement and disorder in your enterprises, and you are likely to change your residence.

Handbills :
If you dream of printing handbills, you will hear unfavorable news.

Almonds :
This is a good omen. It has wealth in store. However, sorrow will go with it for a short while. If the almonds are defective, your disappointment in obtaining a certain wish will be complete until new conditions are brought about.

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