Dreams Decoded
Scientific and Practical Interpretations of Dreams.

Lamb :
To dream of lambs frolicing{sic} in green pastures, betokens chaste friendships and joys. Bounteous and profitable crops to the farmers, and increase of possessions for others.

Lamb :
To see a dead lamb, signifies sadness and desolation.

Lamb :
Blood showing on the white fleece of a lamb, denotes that innocent ones will suffer from betrayal through the wrong doing of others.

Lamb :
A lost lamb, denotes that wayward people will be under your influence, and you should be careful of your conduct.

Lamb :
To see lamb skins, denotes comfort and pleasure usurped from others.

Lamb :
To slaughter a lamb for domestic uses, prosperity will be gained through the sacrifice of pleasure and contentment.

Lamb :
To eat lamb chops, denotes illness, and much anxiety over the welfare of children.

Lamb :
To see lambs taking nourishment from their mothers, denotes happiness through pleasant and intelligent home companions, and many lovable and beautiful children.

Lamb :
To dream that dogs, or wolves devour lambs, innocent people will suffer at the hands of insinuating and designing villains.

Lamb :
To hear the bleating of lambs, your generosity will be appealed to.

Lamb :
To see them in a winter storm, or rain, denotes disappointment in expected enjoyment and betterment of fortune.

Lamb :
To own lambs in your dreams, signifies that your environments will be pleasant and profitable.

Lamb :
If you carry lambs in your arms, you will be encumbered with happy cares upon which you will lavish a wealth of devotion, and no expense will be regretted in responding to appeals from the objects of your affection.

Lamb :
To shear lambs, shows that you will be cold and mercenary.
You will be honest, but inhumane.

Lamb :
For a woman to dream that she is peeling the skin from a lamb, and while doing so, she discovers that it is her child, denotes that she will cause others sorrow which will also rebound to her grief and loss.

Lamb :
          ``Fair prototype of innocence,
               Sleep upon thy emerald bed,
          No coming evil vents
               A shade above thy head.''

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